The Child you used to Know (Dragons)

“When the prison doors are open, the real dragon will fly out.” Ho Chi Minh

“The child you used to know is a dragon.” דָּנִיֵּאל

The questions I ask myself are many, perhaps you’d like some too, share if you will this seat right next to me looking down upon this tumultuous view. Perched above the world. Here upon rocks our butts growing colder, looking out on a human sea. Dare ask yourself with me, or unto yourself mutter, what is it we should be? Challenge your mind in triangulation, use a debate that’s not won easily. Twist yourself backwards in confabulation, stare straight ahead in obligation, but really it matters not to me. Go on and rest your head, backwards upon the cold slab that’s red, a granite unlike most, my wife tells me it’s garnet the stone of a ghost. Can you feel it sing, vibrating right through your seams, a choir of electromagnetic that screams?

Beware the ground so far below, think not of yourself, but how you should know, if you’re really free, sitting so high in eternity. Are you a beggar or a holy host, a victim of logic, or a trainer of ghost? For just between you and me, I’d rather an adventure, than to grow old grace free. For now, that you’re here beside me, I’ll tell you in short words what’s behind, what’s we. That slab of cold garnet’s that turning warm, upon it is keys of the future that’s born. Behind you and I is a dragon unloosed, crafted in heaven and hell so new. Turning inside and outside too, shaking your soul, to enter you. Call up the fears of all you see below, they cannot save your old life from the child you used to know.

The sun stands still so near in the sky, just like it did when the five kings died. Nothing worth ventured brings only still death, I can’t hold you up now, there’s no room on this ledge. The fire of the garnet has melted the sheath, of that, heavy garment that held such defeat. Everything calls out your new born name, that from above, is dragons wings. Somewhere somebody’s playing Black Sabbath in jest, probably those losers headed up here next. Doesn’t matter to us were too young to know. We’re turning inside and outside too, letting the dragon be born anew, and were laughing as we go, for nothing can save us from the child we used to know. That beautiful child we used to know!

The blood of a dragon it crests on your face, developing a map, charting toward Avalon, a far better place, that seat on that ledge, seems lost to you now, for your mapping heaven, the child that is you, knows not how, but now!

Dedicated to my Susan, (I Love you) who has unloosed the dragon in me. – 08.09.2017 – דָּנִיֵּאל


61 thoughts on “The Child you used to Know (Dragons)

  1. Daniel, my brother, it seems a strange wonder that we were commanded to make alters only of uncut stone, until one shakes us loose from our mooring so The Wind can carry us home, re-birthing the child who will never die and altering forever the way we see this life. (mine was limestone) 😉 jen
    Thank y

    • Dear Jen, thank you my sister for such a wonderful comment, I’m never sure how my crazy stuff will be received, but your kindness always reassures me. Is it true that coral is a type of Limestone. It seems I read that somewhere. Anyway neither here nor there but I love coral. 😉

      • I believe you are correct, Daniel, that limestone is formed from the compression of coral and mollusk shells. I always enjoy looking for fossils when I’m around slabs of it. Have a great day!! jen

  2. Daniel, there are so many amazing parts to this wonderful piece, I don’t know where to start, except to say, it is wonderful! What a gift you have for giving us hope with your words. ❤

  3. I love your blog, I first got into the whitby lady post and now am finding you have a very diverse collection. Your writing style is different, and each piece I have read appeals to me in a different way. Great writing!

  4. This is a beautiful thought provoking piece Daniel. You can bring forth nothing better than the child we used to be, healed, and forward with dragon energy into eternity. Excellent!

  5. Brother, this is a powerful narrative, and inspiring at a minimum, and G_D inspired at a maximum. The continued journey is ending it seems and flight is taking place with granite and garnets falling from the sky. Blessings on you and your inspiring wife. As always thank you for blessing my day. Shalom, Den

    • Hi Dennis, my brother you inspire me, and I thank you for all the kind words and compliments you give me. You do I believe ride the dragon, I shall share with Susan your kind words. Shalom, Daniel

      • Your welcome brother, the ride could be smoother at times, but who am I to disagree with a dragon. Thank you again for your prose, I look forward to it being published.

  6. My friend, I have always cherished dragons, and your piece with it’s different twist has cheered my heart this day. Fly on my friend, fly on. I will go with you. 🙂

  7. The great flight was what kept coming to my mind as I read your wonderful poem. I loved the description of the rock wall on the ledge, it was as if I could feel it, heating my back, and preparing me for flight. 🙂

  8. I loved this Daniel, I say this often, and then have to repeat myself, but this is a new favorite for me. I always have questioned the binding of a dragon, and how the unbinding could be done. Thanks also to your wife for bringing such inspiration to you, that we all get to share. Love and Shalom to both of you. ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. As always your writing is beautiful, taking me to childhood places now, and the dragon. Your words mystical and full of double meanings, never fail to delight, entertain, and feed my spirit.

  10. Daniel, I am sure you have noticed my avatar of a dragon, I was born in China under the sign of a dragon, and I often go back to my childhood to reflect and study in meditation what that means to me now. Your wonderful poem, has contributed much to my reflection, and as always I thank you for being diligent to that process in your heart that tells you what to write. In deep appreciation, Your friend Wang

      • Your welcome Daniel, I appreciate your words, and I also appreciate being able to turn to your blog every now and then for nourishment for the soul. have a good day my friend.

  11. My friend, you have created another piece in the mystic, that appeals to that part of my spirit that is developing, only through great words of wisdom such as yours. Also I am a dragon fan! 😉

  12. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that through the ages in myth and folklore, the dragon and the garnet have held very distinctive places in the balancing of this world, maybe even the universe. As always you have struck the perfect tone, and with your wife pushing you forward, I say you two ride high! Very high!! ❤ 🙂

  13. Dear Daniel, I was just thinking as I read your wonderful latest addition to this genius blog of yours, there must be a bit of space up on that ledge for this old man. Put me next in line, I seek it and want it, and I haven’t been a child for a long, long time.

      • Funny you should say that, being retired and needing something to do, I have recently entertained the thought of taking flying lessons. If I do I shall think of your words as I go into the wild blue yonder! 😉

  14. Daniel this was an amazing read, and the message it put out, was very powerful. I believe we go in cycles, some call it reincarnation, I prefer cycles, and to me going out as a child speaking your inner dragon has you toward the end of this going round and round, next stop baby is paradise. I believe your wife has you pegged right! ❤

    • Thank you, I like the way you put that, cycles sounds better to me too. Going around for the last time also has a nice ring to it, maybe finally earning all those sparks, and getting to keep the dragon. Thank you for your wonderful insightful comment. 🙂

  15. This as so much of your writing is, was a wonderful mystery filled gift to be unwrapped, and read an delved into. I listened to the music as I read it softly the beat vibrating in my ears, and when I read the following line, I had chills like never before. “The sun stands still so near in the sky, just like it did when the five kings died.” A new favorite for me Daniel.

    • Thank you Kay, I had to go back and check when I was writing this if it was the five kings that Joshua asked G_d to have the sun stand still for him to finish them off, it was. 🙂 i really liked the music too, and I’m glad you read this and listened to it at the same time.

  16. It’s a better tale then the knights going to hunt the fire breathing fiend, and I say, I never thought of him or her as the case may be as a fiend anyway. I enjoyed it very much my friend.

  17. Inside out, outside in, nothing will escape you now. Especially, your loving wife is in for a fabulous ride on the dragon’s back. There are not many who ride dragons. It is an ancient knowledge of lore.
    This is a wonderful piece of prose, Daniel. Respectful regards to your Susan! 😀

    • Thank you Resa, I really appreciate your kind words. I for one love dragons, and I perhaps believe that riding them, puts me at least equal with those fabulous Whitby Gals. Susan sends her best back to you. 🙂

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