The Fisher King (Gratitude)

Be still, so still, the spirit says to me, the Fisher King need not speak, but oh how you will weep, in lessons learned you will weep.

The Fisher King, the last in line, set upon the pale. A gloom it comes, a devils wound, this way it fly’s as well. the angels how they failed. Fish on, fish on, your heart may it break, let nothing conceal your pain. Instead be thankful for this tender day. For one who test you, your mettle known, has given you the field to play. Then play it well. Play it well.

The Fisher King, he’s covered in ashes, buried in places, that no dream can ever come to be believed. This distance it’s covered not in words, a broken place. Spirit and ghost, it be. Here beneath a crooked tree. And all this brings us to the place, a weeping shadowed well. Where a broken pride, turns to the torn sepia sky, that my friend which holds your key in spite. And it screams till the daemons cannot keep their peace, yells to the yellow sun. Falling like Gabriel fell, crying to the holy mystery. My G_D, my G_D, how dust thou find me. In a place where no one sees. The flames licking my destiny, destroying this lame effigy. My Adonai, the malice once planned, in my secret places, dusted clean, burning with the things I need. Burning with the things I need.

The Fisher King is lost in adventure, a bend in a river, the moving waters, the waters so deep. One moment a question, the next a frustration, all this for a journey, that isn’t complete. This cup for the dying, not for the living, could be its better, the life we don’t reap. And not in a forest glen, or a hallowed Arthurian chapel then, with crosses and swords or bows of kind. But deep in the bedroom of my mind, I see what’s hard to believe, the Fisher King is me, such a simplicity. And then in gratitude I turn, to climb the lost steps back through the wound, to fly into the sky, moving in magic all boundaries removed. Motionless, beautiful, the sun in my eyes, my lips held together, I kiss the face of my sweet Adonai. In gratitude.

In gratitude! – 07.15.2017 – דָּנִיֵּאל


23 thoughts on “The Fisher King (Gratitude)

  1. Dear Daniel, at last I am first again, winning out over your rock star and designer fans. 😉 This was beautiful and so full of soul. I cherished each word! ❤

  2. Your vision within your own life spills across the words of “The Fisher King”. I have read it now over and over, each time I find more to be grateful for in my own life. What a gift you have received.

  3. The well was overflowing with this work. The following gave me chills. “And then in gratitude I turn, to climb the lost steps back through the wound, to fly into the sky, moving in magic all boundaries removed. Motionless, beautiful, the sun in my eyes, my lips held together, I kiss the face of my sweet Adonai. In gratitude.”

  4. Daniel, you have truly touched my heart, this morning. Your twist on the Arthurian legend, has grabbed me and taken me to your journey, and the lesson of gratitude earned in fire. Wow this was powerful!

  5. Mr. Swearingen, how I have missed you this week, but here you are on my Saturday, massaging my mind with great works. The poem above is a beauty to behold. I salute you once again as I have done often.

  6. Daniel this is extraordinary, your written words flow as if written by a secret hand inside your soul. The ending is one of the most powerful conclusions I have ever read. This I will come back to again and again, for it holds so much.

  7. I had just finished reading a blog piece on the most underrated movies of the 1990’s, one being “The Fisher King” when your post popped up on my reader. It was meant to be. I adore each word above, and as others have said, the ending is glorious.

  8. Daniel, I enjoyed this very much, it should be required reading for any man who is on a journey, and there is something for the ladies too. Thank you for the enjoyment and the spiritual uplift I received from reading “The Fisher King”.

  9. This journey, completed, by you, Daniel, has found solution, and reached a blissful conclusion. I see a Fisher Queen in me, burning with needs. Perhaps some of these words will aid me through.
    ….and I thought it was just a movie…..
    Beautiful song, thank you! ⭐ ❤ ⭐

  10. Dearest Daniel, this is a remarkable and inspirational piece that you’ve written, beautiful as ever. Your words are woven in between a state of the all knowing and the unknowing, hoping to be known. I’ve often wondered if the chalice is indeed guarded by the heart, rather than the sword. ~ Mia

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