Come down upon me that which ties the ladder, that which laces the dream, string for me that which is of cord magick, that where sirens weave!

These together upon, thy mind, that upon which Resa see’s, comes the gown of which all magic weaves, summoned, now sirens cry, the coven’s treasure, now bend thee, now bend thee….

The weave born of Star Carr, near Scarborough, the thread, in calling that which loves her, that which forms her heart. That daemon which summons patterns bold, summoned stories by a play, look to me, from Yorkshire way, designs that show a sirens way, a seamstress hides away, a stich, her art, the act in play. Heart, heart, summoned Whitby’s art, the ladies by the bay, and Mina smiles…. dear Resa, sew for me a scarf. A woven Faberge, that shows young girls at play, thighs in liquid, that of oceans art, entwined together, passion by the mind. What would our father’s say, in craft we play?

Late at night in Lucy’s room, while candles spell, and legends loom, ancient myths and school girl dreams, Resa sleeps, but how she dreams. And art and patterns play, weaving cloth in a potter’s way, white and dark strange spirits play, while sirens move in thread, it weaves a song. The manor feels like summer all winter long. And when sweet Lucy sleeps, Resa takes her leave, and with her forehead high, daringly she acts to spy, with gin still on her tongue, wet from adventure the whole night long. Down straight hallways with darkened heights, those long framed windows the oceans bright, under séance, devils play, the mist of Whitby, guides her way. That by needle light, Resa scripts the bodice tight, lace and colors that make the bodies delight. Lord of light, oh lord of light, how a woman’s hands give you delight, on this night.

She is the siren, that calls with thread, the stories, passion, the witches path, the salt filled air of a spider’s wrath, colors, of legends past, Resa brings down the dark lord’s dreams. The better of all these ancient seams, spells and gardens, precious night filled screams.

These together upon, thy mind, that upon which Resa see’s, comes the gown of which all magic weaves, summoned, now sirens cry, the coven’s treasure, now bend thee, now bend thee….

For my dear Whitby Lady friend, Resa McConaghy – 06.21.2017 – דָּנִיֵּאל


72 thoughts on “Resa

  1. Constantly aghast in a wonderful way at what you write. The Whitby Ladies are a favorite, and I checked out Resa’s gown’s. unbelievable talent!!! I loved this by the way!


  2. Dear Daniel,
    Reading this, my most fave of all your prose, curl my toes as the words move by.
    I feel like a beautiful rose, thorned, and as a Lady of Whitby my mettle delighted by your choice of song for me.
    How do you know my well? How do you know how deep it is and when it overflows?
    I am pleased and honored M’lord, as you must be, for you are the one writing of the mystic Ladies of Whitby.
    ⭐ ❤ ⭐ Overnight, with your words, you've made a legend of my creative soul.
    Okay, welling up with emotions, now. Time to take a break, calm down, come back reread, relisten and reblog. XOXO


  3. Reblogged this on Art Gowns and commented:
    Daniel Swearingen has honored my creative spirit by penning “Resa”, the fifth in his “Whitby Ladies” series. I feel Goth and power! I feel a Muse.
    I am closing comments, as those can go on his site, where I hope you will check out the “Whitby Ladies”


  4. Daniel, I want to say how much joy you have brought me, and I love being a Whitby Lady.
    I can hardly wait for the next to take her place in this fabulous place. Best to you, always! _ Resa xx

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    • I have always thought of you as a mystical Nancy Drew, powerful really in a masculine world. You fit so well in Whitby, and no one will ever take your place, for now with the small coven you are immortal. I am sure you already know you have designed fabric with life for each of these witches, and for these spirits, as well as those to come, you are the weave that binds these beauties to gather from age to age, summoned above as well as so far below. Your friend, Daniel

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  5. Daniel, you’ve painted a great tribute to my online friend Resa.

    One of my favorite poems I’ve read in a good while.
    This really does justice and Resa is now happy and I know she is grateful of your writing this poem dedicated to her.

    2 Thumbs Way up! my acquainted friend. 🙂

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  6. Daniel, this is my first venture to your blog, and how delightful it has been!
    Resa is indeed all you’ve written; and probably much more where she dares not tell… 🙂
    Thank You for highlighting such a happy, intriguing, sincere and generous soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Carolyn, Thank you for your kind comment, and my apologies for taking so long to respond. I have neglected my blog these recent days. I would agree Resa is a worthy subject to pen much about. 😉 I must get over to your blog now and check it out. Once again thank you for reading and commenting.

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