So it is I want to tell you from the deepest part of me, what I know about my birthday, and the love around me. What you wonder is a strange boy, and you judge inclusively, from your books filled full of knowledge and your lessons that you read. This untruth will not prepare you for what I give in luminosity, just a story from a young boy brown endeavored, born to destiny. Sweetness lullaby my daddy, sweetness sings his songs to me, and at three we talk of angels, and its angels that I see, though I know there’s education with all of its degrees, it cannot not love me like my Adonai, he sighs, he breathes in me.

So let’s talk about my brown eyes and those pupils that you see, what is there upon the surface is not what I really see. There are patterns of behavior that surround like blowing leaves, some are blessings, in depth memories, of the way it used to be. There are those that guess at what I am, to predict sociability, do you not know I have seen you in your fallibility. I am born like many others, in special mentality, it’s my birthday, time to play, and open all the world to me. Have you looked into my brown eyes have you seen anything, do you know my soul goes outward like a vacuum and it sings. What then, you think that’s magic, born upon a simple lad, that’s just brown eyes of G-Ds kingdom luring love from hate gone bad.

In the deep dark lines of color that irradiate my sleep, I am brown seeing others, and it brings me sweet relief. There are ashen thoughts of knowledge that reflect intuitively, from strange places in my hemispheres that equate so logically. For in G-D there is equation, on my birthday I have seen, from one brown eye to another, his grace given spatially. So it is I tell you something from the farthest part of me, what is brown in all its color, is the love bequeathed in me.

For my son Ryan on his birthday, he is life seen brown. – 09.03.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל


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